paragliding – tandem flight an unforgettable experience!

Tandemstart 12erHorn kl

Despite the new cable car construction, we continue to fly from the 12er-Horn,
we organize the ascents by car
! Other flying mountains in the region can be the Loser in Altaussee, Gaisberg near Salzburg, Schafberg, Feuerkogel and Krippenstein, as shown in our booking system!

After a few steps of running you will glide with an experienced tandem pilot down into the valley. This will be an experience which you will probably never forget!

"The dream of flying"


For the paragliding tandem flight we will launch from the Zwölferhorn mountain above St.Gilgen on lake Wolfgangsee. After about 10 - 20 steps of running you will be able to fly, accompanied by an experienced tandem pilot, down into the valley.
In the air
you will sit comfortably in front of your pilot so you can enjoy the gorgeous landscape with the beautiful lakes and mountains of the Salzkammergut. For the landing we either have to run or we can sit while sliding on our harness' big protective airbag.  


The duration of the experience is about 1,5 - 2 hrs. including around 10-20 min of airtime, which can be extended in good thermic conditions (please discuss this with your pilot!). Each additional 5 minutes costs €5.-


Flights will be done daily if the weather conditions allow us to fly. In the mornings you will find the most smooth and steady conditions. Our flying season starts each year at Easter and ends at the end of October.

Please use for reservation our online booking system below. We can also be reached by phone or e-mail via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


€149.- (incl.20% tax) plus mountain ride up to take off (around € 15.-). Our pilots offer additionally a picture and video service and longer air times.


Kai üb.Wolfgangseekl


Paragliding is regulated by wind and weather conditions. A flight will only be safe in good flying weather conditions. If the weather condi-tions should not allow a safe flight on your reserved day, we contact you as soon as pos-sible and try to find another appointment to fly.




Normally we always fly from Zwölferhorn in St.Gilgen on Wolfgangsee. The flying conditions there are usually the best to go tandem paragliding.
Sometimes we fly from other mountains as you can see on our booking system! Gaisberg / Salzburg, Loser / Altaussee, Krippenstein / Obertraun,
its depanding/required of the wind situation. Sometimes you can coose the mointain as offered on our booking system!


Meeting point:

The meeting point is the landung field in Laim in St.Gilgen. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your confirmed starting time. We meet us on following adress: meadow seite of the house Laim 30, 5340 St.Gilgen see on Google Maps. For further informations please contact tandem pilot Karin: 0043 699 10871798. From Salzburg or Bad Ischl you can use the public bus line 150. Please leave the bus on station St.Gilgen "Busbahnhof". From here you can walk to the landung field, its only a 15 minutes walking distance. The mountain drive is organised by a shuttle of the paragliding school. The costs are 15€ per passenger per ride. Companions and/or spectators are welcome to watch the landing at the landung field. It is not possible for spectators to use the shuttle.


Your necessary equipment to bring to fly tandem will be: solid, ankle-deep hiking shoes with a good grip sole and a season- and temperaturematching long-sleeved outfit.
All other gear like helmets, harness and paraglider we will bring with us. We are looking forward to welcome you to your tandem flight!


Everyone who is able to run a few meters down a slope can fly tandem. Passengers below 45kg can only fly in the morning at 9:00. Passengers around 90kg need to choose an appointment between 12:00 and 15:30. This regulation is due to safety. Our maximum weight limit for a passenger is between 95 and 100 kg. Passengers over 90kg must be in good sporty conditions!

There is no age limit for adults. The minimum age limit of children is 6 years. Everyone under 18 years needs a consent form from the parent or legal guardian.