General Informations



After a few steps of running you will glide with an experienced tandem pilot down into the valley. This will be an experience which you will probably never forget!



The duration of the experience is about 1,5 – 2 hrs. including around 10-25 minutes of airtime, which can be extended in good thermic conditions (please ask your pilot!).


Flights will be done daily if the weather conditions allow us to fly. In the mornings you will find the most smooth and steady conditions.

Please use for reservation our Online Kalender.

We can also be reached by phone and WhatsApp:

0043 699 108 717 98

or e-mail via:


Normally we always fly from Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen at Wolfgangsee lake. The flying conditions there are usually the best to go tandem paragliding.
Sometimes we fly from other mountains as you can see on our booking system! Gaisberg close to Salzburg or Loser at Altaussee.

Meeting point:

The meeting point is usually in the valley at the cable car station or the landing field. You will get the meeting point in the booking confirmation or you can look it up under online kalender english. The meeting point and end point are always the same.

The passenger’s escort / spectator can either watch the take-off or the landing. Both are usually not possible in terms of time. Note that when the passenger and pilot take the cable car up, they don’t stay long on the mountain. If you wish to spend a longer time on the mountain, you should go up earlier and arrange a meeting point at the mountain station by phone or WhatsApp: 0043 699 108 717 98

Public Transport:

For reaching St. Gilgen you can use the bus connetion between Salzburg an Bad Ischl. The busstation in St. Gilgen is directly next to the meeting point at the cable car station Zwölferhorn Seilbahn. Here is the download link for the bus timetable for the bus no 150.

The Gaisberg Mountain is as well reachable by bus. There is a bus going between Salzburg City and Gaisberg Mountain Peak. Here is the bus timetable for the bus 151.


Your necessary equipment to bring to fly tandem will be: solid, ankle-deep hiking shoes with a good grip sole and a season- and temperaturematching long-sleeved outfit.
All other gear like helmets, harness and paraglider we will bring with us.

We have hiking shoes in all different sizes to lend. If you need some, please give us a short note by mail or phone. Please bring your own socks!


Everyone who is able to run a few meters down a slope can fly tandem. Passengers below 45kg should only fly in the morning at around 9:00 or 10:00 o`clock. Passengers around 90kg need to choose an appointment between 12:00 and 14:00 o`clock. This regulation is due to safety regarding the valley wind situation.

Our regular weight limit for a passenger is 95 kg. This regulation is due to saftey. If you weight over 95kg, you can send us a request for a flight. If the wind will support us during launch, we can fly with more than 95 kg.

Age limit:

There is no age limit for adults. The minimum age limit of children is 6 years. Everyone under 18 years needs a consent form from the parent or legal guardian.


€149.- ( incl.20% tax )

The mountain ride with the cable car or bus/taxi will be charged seperately, around € 15 – € 20

Our pilots offer on spot a picture and video service for € 29.

You can also ask your pilot for a longer air time. Each additional 5 minutes costs €5.-


Paragliding is regulated by wind and weather conditions. A flight will only be safe in good flying weather conditions. If the weather condi-tions should not allow a safe flight on your reserved day, we contact you as soon as possible and try to find another appointment to fly.